Dear colleagues and friends from all over the world,
In these difficult times, we as the officers of MCG wish you all the best.
The situation in our countries and families is very different, but it is threatening worldwide. 
Our health is threatened, in many cases also our professional existence. Many of us are restricted in their freedom of movement or restrict themselves voluntarily. The University of Hamburg is closed until Easter, we are no longer allowed to make trips or receive guests. We must also restrict ourselves in our private lives. "Social and physical distancing" is now a part of everyday life for many of us. Yet, as it happens between our conferences, we stay connected to strengthen our community and support each other.
Currently, many national and international conferences are cancelled, ICME 14 is postponed for one year. We are experiencing travel restrictions of an unprecedented extent. But we continue our efforts to make the next 2021 MCG conference happen. 
But for now, our common focus is not on restrictions, but rather solidarity and helpfulness on many levels. People develop creative ideas to make life easier in our communities and worldwide.
The importance of our task, as a group, is to ensure that a new generation can meet the challenges of society with a lot of creativity, high commitment and sound knowledge becomes particularly clear these days!
We are connected with each other through our common work despite the distance! Also, we believe that our community will come through this challenging situation.
In this challenging time, all our thoughts are with those affected while wishing everyone that you and your families stay safe. We wish you perseverance and that all of you can keep an optimistic perspective on the future.
Marianne Nolte       Viktor Freiman       Attila Szabo       Ralf Benölken
President                   President-elect        Secretary            Treasurer


Message from the President

Mathematical Creativity and Giftedness  (MCG) is an exciting topic that was overlooked in school education and in the educational research for a long time.
The International Group for MCG brings together mathematics educators, mathematicians, researchers,  and others who are inspired to nurture and support  the development of mathematical creativity and the realization of mathematical promise and mathematical giftedness.

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 The purpose of the group is to bring together mathematics educators, mathematicians, researchers, and others who are interested in nurturing and supporting the development of mathematical creativity and the realization of mathematical promise and mathematical giftedness, promoting the improvement of teaching and learning mathematics, and widening students’ abilities to apply mathematical knowledge in innovative and creative ways. The work of the Group will concentrate on distinct but interrelated domains such as:
  • mathematical creativity for all students, from all backgrounds, and of all ages,
  • mathematical creativity, aptitude, and achievement,
  • mathematical giftedness, talent and promise,
  • mathematical creativity for individuals or teams, inside or outside the classroom,
  • mathematics competitions.

MCG Establishing Document

MCG constitution

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The Organizers of ICME 14 and the Executive Committee of ICME have agreed to a year postponement of ICME 14.
You will find the full text of the announcement at:
MCG 12
Our next conference will be held in Las Vegas, USA:

MCG 12 (Mathematical Creativity and Giftedness Conference)
September 26-29, 2021
Las Vegas, NV, USA
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MCG (International Group for Mathematical Creativity and Giftedness) is affiliated with ICMI (the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction)
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