International Group for Mathematical Creativity and Giftedness

Dear colleagues and friends from all over the world,


Our Team the officers of MCG wishes you all the best.

After postponing for a year, we had a very successful twelfth international conference in Las Vegas in September 2022. We applaud the determination and hard work of the local chair, Bill Speer, and the 2022 MCG program committee to make it a successful event with an exciting line-up of keynote speakers and an outstanding program. Please, take a look at our open access proceedings to learn more. 

We will continue production of new issues of our newsletter that provide interesting examples of how to stimulate creativity and talents in our students. Thanks to everyone who has written articles for the newsletter, and especially to Milos Savic, who has been editor of the newsletter in 2017-2021. Congratulations to Scott Chamberlin who took over as editor with the recently published 2022 spring and fall editions. Contact him at if you are interested in writing an article. In addition, Elisabet Mellroth and Milos Savic have started a blog that we hope you will add to.

This is how we stay connected with each other during the pandemic through our common work despite the distance! Also, we believe that our community will come become stronger as we go through this challenging situation. We wish you perseverance and that all of you can keep an optimistic perspective on the future.

Viktor Freiman          Marianne Nolte        Attila Szabo       Ralf Benölken

President                   Past President        Secretary            Treasurer


MCG 13

Our next conference will be held in Bloemfontein, South Africa:

MCG 13 (Mathematical Creativity and Giftedness Conference)

February 20-23, 2024

(announcement to come soon)

Please, save the date!

For further events please see our newsletter.


Mathematical Creativity and Giftedness  (MCG) is an exciting topic that was overlooked in school education and in the educational research for a long time.

The International Group for MCG brings together mathematics educators, mathematicians, researchers,  and others who are inspired to nurture and support  the development of mathematical creativity in all and the realization of mathematical promise and mathematical giftedness.


 The purpose of the group is to bring together mathematics educators, mathematicians, researchers, and others who are interested in nurturing and supporting the development of mathematical creativity and the realization of mathematical promise and mathematical giftedness, promoting the improvement of teaching and learning mathematics, and widening students’ abilities to apply mathematical knowledge in innovative and creative ways. The work of the Group will concentrate on distinct but interrelated domains such as:

MCG Establishing Document

MCG constitution


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MCG (International Group for Mathematical Creativity and Giftedness) is affiliated with ICMI (the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction)

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