Past events: ICME-12, Seoul, South Korea, July, 2012

Post date: 04-Jul-2016 12:59:13

The aim of TSG 3 Activities and programs for gifted was to gather educational researchers, research mathematicians, mathematics teachers, teacher educators, designers and other congress participants for the international exchange of ideas related to identifying and nourishing mathematically gifted students.

Some of several topics discussed were :

• Theoretical models of giftedness and the relationship between creativity and giftedness;

• Profiles of the gifted child: their range of interests, ambitions and motivations, social behaviour, how and at what age their giftedness is discovered or developed.

• Teacher education aimed at mathematics teaching that encourages mathematical promise and promotes mathematical talents, including:

- issues of the psychology of teaching talented students;

- socio-cultural and affective characteristics of the mathematically gifted;

- types of mathematics and pedagogy suitable for educating teachers for the gifted.

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